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Are you an ambitious immigrant living in the Nordics?
Do you wish to accelerate your social end economic integration process? 
Then join our acceleration program where you will be paired with a mentor, get to know important actors in your field of interest, and acquire knowledge on digital entrepreneurship and Nordic culture. 
Are you an established Nordic citizen that sees the benefits of diversity and inclusion? 
Would you like to be part of a community of Nordic mentors and get new tools for mentoring?
Then join our Nordic integration acceleration program as a mentor. 3 hours commitment during 3 months. 

The second cohort applications are now open!

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Overview of the project

The Accelerating Nordic Integration through knowledge and networks

Aims to make the Nordics the most sustainable region for social integration by the year 2030. With the program focusing on social sustainability, we strive to help better the integration process for immigrants in the Nordic region.

What does the program offer? By connecting both established citizens and immigrants, the program offers peer-to-peer mentoring, opportunities to develop a network of individuals, and courses on relevant topics such as Entrepreneurship & Digitization for self-employment, and Nordic Culture & Leadership for active citizenship. Our program is offered both digitally and in-person, with the goal of engaging approximately 400 participants in the 4 different locations.

Who is involved? The program is driven, in collaboration with municipalities and public representatives, by 8 organizations who are specialized in the areas of sustainability, social innovation, entrepreneurship and education across Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

We want to increase social sustainability, inclusion and integration, and create a sense of meaning to enhance opportunities for future Nordic citizens. Will you join our journey?

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Peer-to-peer mentoring sessions.

Mapping of support ecosystems for migrants.

Educational programs on entrepreneurship, digitization, leadership, and Nordic culture.





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