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About the program

The Accelerating Nordic Integration Program is a program, curated to better equip and accelerate the integration of immigrants in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, by connecting immigrants, with native and established citizens in these locations.

Missed out the first cohort! Don’t fret!

The applications for mentees in Finland are now closed. If you are in Sweden, Norway, or Denmark, please apply to our call for mentees or as a mentor

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Program content

All participants of the program will have the opportunity to develop their skills whether as a mentor or mentee through peer-to-peer mentoring; as well as educate yourself with our knowledgeable educational programs and tools focusing on Leaderships & Nordic Culture to Entrepreneurship & Digitization.


3-Month Program will have two cycles:

September to December, 2023    I    February to May, 2024


February 15th –
May 31st, 2024

Onboarding session
February 15th | February 16th, 2024

About the program

Peer – to – peer mentoring

February – May
(12 weeks/3 hrs commitment)

About the courses

Blended (digital & in-person)
Self-paced | Weekly modules

Leadership & Nordic culture

Entrepreneurship & Digitalisation


Thank you very much for creating this opportunity. I have learned a lot and improved my plans, strategies, etc.

Naznin Sultana / Mentee

Emotions are positive, communication is pleasant, knowledge is systematized. High level of training organization. the basic skills needed to prepare a business plan are touched upon. the information is structured and easy to digest. I learned a lot of new marketing terms and my brain worked and recalled many skills! I would highly recommend this program other emigrants. I feel that the process of my integration will accelerate – the goal of my participation in the project has been achieved. 


I have been actively engaging with my mentor, and have found it very helpful. Meeting my mentor is probably my favorite outcome of this program.

Annabelle Chansler / Mentee

Ready to join us?

As a local peer Mentor

You are

  • Native of or have been living in Sweden, Finland, Norway or Denmark for 5+ years.
  • Passionate about helping others.
  • Able to communicate in English.
  • Eager to create an impact in your community through peer-to-peer support.

You get the opportunity to

  • Develop your communication and mentoring skills
  • Broaden  your cultural knowledge
  • Expand your international network and connect with individuals in Sweden, Finland, Norway or Denmark.
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As a  Mentee

You are

  • An inmigrant living in Sweden, Finland, Norway or Denmark seeking support on how to integrate fully to  your new city/country.
  • Looking to receive support and guidance in  your personal and/or professional life.

You get the opportunity to

  • Expand your network and receive peer-to-peer mentoring.
  • Develop your skills and learn about culture, digitalisation and entrepreneurship.
  • Educate yourself about cultural workplace and the importance of social integration.
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Together we can amplify our impact and achieve a more integrated Nordic region!