Become a mentor

Our project relies on dedicated volunteer mentors who offer guidance and support to immigrants as they settle into their new lives in the Nordic region. The mentorship program is at the core of our initiative to promote active citizenship and help immigrants integrate into their new communities, as well as achieve their personal goals.

Local peer mentor

To become a local peer mentor, you need to (but not limited to): 

  • Have lived 5+ years in the nordic region, have a job or are  studies

  • Have relevant skills or experience in areas such as language learning, cultural adaptation, or personal development.

  • Have a strong desire to help immigrants integrate into Nordic society.

  • Be open-minded, patient, and respectful of cultural differences

  • Have the ability to offer guidance and support and help them navigate through the challenges they may face in their new community.

  • Have knowledge of the local community and be able to suggest valuable connections and contacts for participants

* No previous experience required, just have time and will to support others!

Mentor training

Before you start working with your mentee, we provide training and support to ensure that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to be an effective mentor. Our training covers topics such as:

* Intercultural communication and understanding

* Mentoring best practices

* Setting goals and measuring progress

* Resources and tools for supporting your mentee(s)

Benefits of becoming a mentor

Expand your international network and make valuable connections.

Broaden your cultural knowledge.

Promote yourself and your professional experience by giving back to your community as a volunteer mentor.

Join the journey  

Become a peer mentor. Expand your network. Gain knowledge  along the way and be part of a community of dedicated individuals committed to promoting a more integrated society in the Nordic countries.  

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